Hey MoonToken Fam!

September 18th 2021 marks the day that we released our official MoonToken Roadmap!

A lot of thoughtfulness has been put into it. All the items you see listed on the Roadmap have been selected with care and with a vision and hope for the future.

I recorded a full 23 minute video to go over the different items on the Roadmap, and we also have our most recent AMA to reference as well.

MoonToken - we are a community powered token. And together we harness the Power of Community for Good. And with that as our ethos, we are standing strong as a EdTech Social Business.

What is EdTech? - Edtech = Education + Technology
We feel that applying technology in learning offers an immersive, interactive multi-touch point experience for learners. We also feel that education empowers technology because the more and more knowledge is advanced - the more and more individuals can participate in the massive innovation wave. We are all about education, financial and technology inclusion.

Yes - at the current moment we have limited funds as we do not have any mechanisms in our 10% transaction fee to help us generate marketing/development/working capital funds. To this point I (as an entrepreneur) choose to express that we will do what we can given the resources we have and we will work towards developing various revenue streams.

If you analyse Q4 initiatives - these are initiatives that require time, effort and commitment - i.e. not money. So I am confident about our Q4 Targets.

MoonToken is very happy to announce our partnership with Follow Funding - a crowdfunding platform that is all about helping people achieve their dreams. More of this to come soon - stay tuned for youtube live broadcasts with the creators of Follow Funding!

The MoonToken NFT Collection will be one of our utilities and also one of our revenue streams.
Stay tuned for that.

Our future is bright. Not only is it bright - it is absolutely exciting! So many possibilities to explore and the best part of it all is ….we are exploring our future together as a family.

How awesome is that?

Chat to you soon! (See you tomorrow at our NFT Business Insights Workshop!)
Warmest thoughts,